Your End of Year Marketing Review and 2015 Resolutions


As everyone begins to shift their focus from business ROI to roasts, it’s a great time to clean up from 2014. Many clean their office, empty their inbox, declutter their RSS feed or sit down to review 2014, and I would recommend the latter not to be an option. Since this time of year often turns to reflection, let’s turn that self reflection into a positive business strategy.

For myself, and all marketing agencies, reflection leads us to analyze ourselves on the successful and not so successful campaigns we managed throughout the  year. Do you evaluate your campaigns?

In some way, I’m sure your answer is yes.

However are you evaluating your campaigns in the best way to help you improve? Believe me, I know how it is. One campaign ends as another begins, or more realistically you’re juggling 10 campaigns at any given time. Who has the time for evaluation?

You are not a marketer until you implement evaluation into your campaign strategies. 

I find it most manageable to evaluate campaigns monthly.

When beginning a new campaign, evaluation can be the piece that makes or breaks it. Constantly evaluating performance, audience preference, adoption rates, etc. can give you invaluable insight that will equal success.

Create a template that can be used to evaluate all your campaigns. With a template you can easily compare your campaigns at the end of the quarter or year to evaluate as a whole which campaigns were most successful and therefore worthy or repeating in the next cycle.

What else should you be looking for in your evaluation? True business ROI. Return on investment isn’t a great goal, it should be the only goal. Marketing is not all about brand messaging and fun memes on Facebook; your role should be to make your business the best business it can be. So, if you hear from your customers on Twitter they don’t like X about your company or its processes, it is your responsibility to make sure your business works as seamlessly as possible for your customers.

The perfect example: Rosetta Stone

You know Rosetta Stone, the language learning software. Well, I recently have taken on the challenge of learning German and have turned to Rosetta Stone to teach me. A few lessons in, I realized why Rosetta Stone is the market leader and able to stay in business when the Google Translate app is free. Rosetta Stone teaches you in one language. I didn’t purchase an English to German lesson, I purchased the German lesson. So, no matter what language you natively speak, you buy the same German lesson. Rosetta Stone doesn’t need to make English to German, Russian to German and Italian to German lessons, they only make one German lesson. Brilliant, right?

What does this teach marketers?

Understanding our audience does not happen once, it’s an ongoing conversation. Improving our processes, our voice and even our central product until it makes the most sense to our customers and to our bottom line.

So, let’s make our resolution for 2015! Let’s serve not only our brand but our customers, and help make our companies, clients and products better!