Yoga Dog on Kickstarter


Looking to create an entertaining and educational children’s TV program with her previous experience in edutainment, Jennifer Foster of Kids Wellness Alliance conceived Yoga Dog to promote physical and mental health for all children. Through fun and engaging episodic adventures, Yoga Dog will inspire the imaginations, emotions, and mobility of children. Each episode is planned to be 22 minutes and combine animated and live action characters. Yoga Dog also plans to distribute its episodes to U.S. school districts and U.S. worldwide military bases for free.

Situation Analysis:

To launch Yoga Dog, the production company needed $300,000 to fund the pilot, $1 million for the first 8 episodes or $2 million for the entire first season. To help raise the funds and awareness for the forthcoming Yoga Dog, the founder chose to run a crowdfunding campaign on

Enter KAPTIV Marketing.

Yoga Dog Believer hashtag
Social media hashtag for supporters: #YogaDogBeliever

The campaign launched on October 17, 2014, and was slated to run for 30 days, however it was ended early on November 11, 2014.

Target Audiences:

  • Yoga industry influencers
  • Child-centric, like-minded organizations, including mommy bloggers
  • Orlando-based entrepreneurs

Research Conducted:

  • Content review of Yoga Dog’s social media activity
  • Discovery meetings with board of directors
    • Yoga Dog’s board consists of experienced child behavior professionals, including Shakta Khalsa, a pioneer in the movement of children’s yoga in America.
  • Interviewed stakeholders
Yoga Dog First Day Backer Badge
A badge for Yoga Dog Kickstarter’s first day backers to share.


  • Successfully reach the Kickstarter funding goal of $300,000 within the 30-day campaign.
  • Increase total social media reach to 200,000 by the end of the campaign.
  • Create an additional 100,000 impressions through paid Facebook and Twitter posts by the end of the campaign.
  • Utilize founder’s email database of 995 contacts to garner support for the campaign and reach the industry average of a 17.6 percent open rate and 2.1 percent click through rate.

Implementation by KAPTIV:

Social Media

To reach Yoga Dog’s campaign goals, KAPTIV Marketing aimed to strengthen Yoga Dog’s social media presence on Facebook and Twitter by calling their audience to action and empower them to become ambassadors, without which we could not reach our goals.

  • Like-minded organizations were contacted directly via social media and asked to support Yoga Dog by sharing the message, not by contributing dollars.
  • Social updates were shared daily and included relevant industry news, Kickstarter updates, photos and video of the Yoga Dog team, and media coverage.
  • Social media optimized, branded graphics, including Twitter Cards, were utilized to present a visually stimulating call to action for users to visit the Kickstarter page.
  • A branded URL was also created to help track clicks to the Kickstarter campaign page.

Email Communications

The founder and board member’s vast email database was also utilized to share news of the campaign, in hopes to spur contributions.

Mini Campaigns

Mini campaigns were created to help reach incremental goals during the 30 days, which were supplemented with paid promotions on Facebook and Twitter to further the reach of important Kickstarter campaign-related messages. Ideas and topics were developed for these campaigns by reviewing the analytics of each day’s social and email communications, from which links were clicked the most to how many shares/retweets a post received. This information was invaluable to keep our audience engaged through the length of the campaign.