The Garage

Situation Analysis:

Composed of entrepreneurs that refine, build, revise and launch successful technology solutions, The Garage is an innovative healthcare information technology (HIT) company. With a new product launch of AiR and other products in conjunction with HIMSS 2014, (Healthcare Information Management Systems Society, a leading industry conference focused on optimizing health engagements and care outcomes using IT), a media relations and social media campaign was developed to build awareness, engagement and anticipation.

KAPTIV Marketing handled the social media campaign:

Target Audience:

  • Primary: Hospital Chief Information Officers (CIOs)
  • Secondary: IT, C-Suite, general and clinical management at hospitals, large group practices, ambulatory care facilities, medical/surgical clinics, home health organizations, LTC/rehab facilities payers and more.

Research Conducted:

  • HIMSS 2014 analysis: speakers, media and attendees
  • Health Information Technology (HIT) trends and topics
  • Competitor social media analysis Industry hashtag research


  • Build awareness, engagement and anticipation for The Garage’s launch of AiR and other products in conjunction with HIMSS 2014 among attendees and key stakeholders.
  • Launch and build a following for The Garage and its CEO Pranam Ben online thru social media engagement with target audiences, culminating at HIMSS 2014.

Implementation by KAPTIV:

To increase awareness among target audiences for The Garage and its CEO, Pranam Ben in leading up to HIMSS 2014, KAPTIV launched social media channels on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Social Media:

Being the new player in the HIT industry, the sharing of relevant industry news and content prior to HIMSS to build The Garage and Pranam Ben as thought leaders was pertinent. Social media biographies were updated and optimized on all platforms by using key message points and mentioning industry niche key terms. Interactions on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles provided insight that Twitter and LinkedIn were the ideal locations to engage in HIT and HIMSS 2014 discussions with the target audiences. Twitter engagement increased prior to and during HIMSS 2014 by leveraging traditional media placements, following key experts and enhancing tweets with industry hashtags.