iSummit Digital Conference


iSummit brings industry leaders across top digital brands to participate in topic-driven panels, presentations, networking opportunities, and workshops.

Situation Analysis:

With a restrictive budget and short timeframe, iSummit was looking to push for additional registrations with less than 60 days until the conference. iSummit was also looking to increase its digital engagement with attendees, in real time during the two days.

Enter KAPTIV Marketing.

Target Audiences:

Florida-based professionals in the tech and marketing industries, seeking to network and learn from industry influencers.

Research Conducted:

  • Past iSummits
  • Insight from iSummit founders and stakeholders
  • iSummit social media audience and activity

For iSummit’s conference marketing, KAPTIV created several social media campaigns in an effort to promote brand awareness, engagement, and drive iSummit’s target audience to register.


  • Garner 2 million social media impressions from 400 unique users in 60 days by promoting consistent audience engagement across Facebook and Twitter.
  • Increase iSummit’s on-site social engagement to 1,500 tweets from 100 unique contributors and to create 1.5 million impressions through the hashtag, #iSummit2014.
  • Seek 100 click throughs to the iSummit registration page in 60 days by conducting three paid Twitter campaigns with the call to action to “Book Now”.

Implementation by KAPTIV:

To increase engagement among target audiences, KAPTIV ramped up iSummit’s Facebook and Twitter presence as well as created a call to action for event registration.

Social Media:

Social media messages were tailored to meet the need of iSummit’s audience as well as the goals of iSummit’s attendance requirements. A hashtag was created to engage the audience and monitor conversations, #iSummit2014. Live tweeting was highly encouraged. Marketing to such a savvy audience, KAPTIV had to not only be on top of their game, they also ensured to exploit the audiences deep knowledge of marketing tactics. Social media posts were visually appealing, and a Twitter Card campaign was created to increase the click-through-rates to iSummit’s registration page.