Forward Florida

Situation Analysis:

As the only publication focused solely on Florida economic development news, FORWARD Florida covers stories and events in Florida’s 23-county Super Region, educating target audiences on the growth opportunities and key industries across the region. As FORWARD Florida re-launched its brand, a strategic decision was made to redesign the website and engage with its audience via social media.

Enter KAPTIV Marketing.

Target Audience:

  • National site selectors
  • Nationwide CEO’s
  • Super Region CEO’s
  • Nationwide angel investors
  • Federal and Florida legislators

Research Conducted:

  • Competitor website analysis
  • Economic Development Internet trends
  • Search engine optimization keyword research
  • Competitor social media analysis


  • Increase FORWARD Florida’s website traffic by 100 percent within three months of launching new site.
  • Cultivate audience engagement with the brand across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ resulting in 150,000 impressions per month on average with a nine-month goal of 250,000 monthly impressions.
  • Increase awareness (e.g. following, favorites/retweets, etc.) via Twitter, key platform for audience, by attracting 750 followers among target audiences of FORWARD Florida within nine months of launch.

Implementation by KAPTIV:

To increase awareness among target audiences FORWARD Florida launched a new website along with a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ presence.


With a short timeline of two months to launch the new website design, KAPTIV worked with the team to develop a home page layout, menu system, social integration and final website design that would highlight the content best. Next, the team hired a SEO and web expert to finalize the build out, integrate past articles without loosing Google rankings while transitioning to the new website, which launched January 2014.


KAPTIV developed a blogging strategy to keep website content updated and timely, and to increase brand position between issues. Blogs were written based on a Super Region economic development year-round editorial calendar, which was continuously updated with ideas from news coverage. Guest bloggers were also invited to contribute as trends and news worthy events occur. Three to four blogs were posted per week, all optimized with audience and/or industry specific, high-ranking keywords.

Social Media:

Conversations on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ profiles, provided insight that Twitter and LinkedIn were the ideal locations to engage in economic development discussions with the target audiences. While original content was shared from the bi-monthly publication and three weekly blogs, FORWARD Florida’s Twitter audience wanted more, so a content aggregation strategy was implemented to share more Super Region business updates from local dailies and other sources. A social media optimization strategy was also used to attract and engage target audiences by utilizing popular industry hashtags.


  • Achieved objective to increase FORWARD Florida’s website unique traffic from 441 unique visitors with the old website to after launch of new site design to 1,223 unique visitors, surpassing the 100 percent goal by 177 percent.
  • Launched a strong Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ presence and engaged target audience across networks with an average of 213,000 impressions during nine months of campaign, exceeding objective. The ninth month reached 384,000 people that helped us reach our goal of more than 250,000 monthly impressions for the nine-month objective timeframe.
  • Increased awareness of FORWARD Florida as a resource for Florida’s Super Region economic development updates and events via social media engagement by attracting 1,014 Twitter followers, which mostly fall among the target audiences well before the nine-month goal.