Canvs Coworking Space


As the long-term economic sustainability and growth of Orlando is considered, there is a need to recognize that the future of the region lies in a company that does not yet exist. The cities that will lead the world in the 21st century will have a startup machine churning out innovation, jobs, growth and incredible economic impact. Canvs is one step forward in creating that future for Orlando.

Located in Downtown Orlando, Canvs is Orlando’s largest co-working space dedicated to supporting the startup community and expanding the entrepreneurial ecosystem, while reducing the risks associated with starting up. Canvs’ goal is to help Orlando become a top-10 city nationally for technology startups and ultimately create 5,000 high-wage technology jobs for the city within 10 years.

Situation Analysis:

Six months prior to the opening of Canvs on August 11, 2014, a marketing and communications plan was developed by KAPTIV Marketing to effectively engage Orlando’s tech community and their supporters around the organization.

Enter KAPTIV Marketing.

Target Audiences:

Orlando’s tech community startup businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs looking for a collaborative and open workspace.

Research Conducted:

  • Conversations with Canvs founders
  • Competitor website analysis
  • Coworking trends
  • Search engine optimization keyword research
  • Competitor social media analysis

The team positioned the brand as committed to delivering an innovative, open and all-inclusive space for Orlando entrepreneurs, startups, employees and CEOs to gather, which was the first step in a two-prong strategy to build brand position and engage the community.


  • Open Canvs at 50 percent capacity by opening day.
  • Attract 150 subscribers for the grand opening newsletter targeted for prospective members, business leaders and tech community members to receive an open rate of 30 percent.
  • Gain a minimum of 500 followers across five social media platforms by grand opening day, August 11, 2014.
  • Acquire traditional media coverage from local television, media and news bloggers totaling a reach of 1 million impressions during the six-month campaign.

Implementation by KAPTIV:

To increase awareness among target audiences Canvs launched a landing page along with a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ presence.

Social Media:

Once the messaging was established, communication efforts were launched in April 2014. The social media platforms chosen for Canvs, from the previously mentioned research, to engage its audience were Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. The purpose of launching brand messaging and a content marketing strategy on social media was to build brand awareness and foster engagement from Canvs’ audience. As a mission-driven organization, Canvs remained connected as an asset, a soundboard and a listener of the local community on social media, and serves as a place to start conversations, answer questions and engage in other’s conversations.


A landing page was created at this time to serve as a central communication hub for the community, media and prospective co-workers to go for Canvs information before the grand opening.

Media Relations:

KAPTIV targeted media outreach to television, news outlets and bloggers in the Metro Orlando region, as well as public relations efforts to further increase awareness and educate audience members. Press announcements leading up to the opening were strategically delivered at specific intervals to announce renderings, expansion plans, business partnerships, board members and community involvement.


  • Achieved objective to open at 50 percent capacity during first month of being open.
  • Launched the Canvs grand opening newsletter to the public and received 217 subscribers with a 71.3 percent open rate and a 13.4 percent click-through rate, which exceeded the objective of 150 subscribers and a 30 percent open rate.
  • Increased awareness and engaged target audiences by having a strong social media presence and obtaining 246 Facebook likes, 955 Twitter followers, 179 Instagram followers and 11 Google+ followers, achieving a total of 1,536,617 online impressions from April 2014 to August 2014, well surpassing the objective of 500 total followers.
  • Obtained a traditional media reach of 1,526,465 impressions from April 2014 through August 2014, 53 percent greater than the anticipated objective.