KAPTIVating Work

  • Yoga Dog on Kickstarter

    Yoga Dog ran a Kickstarter campaign supported by engaging social media tactics and a direct email communications strategy. Learn more about how KAPTIV engaged with their audience to garner support for the campaign.

  • iSummit Digital Conference

    Worked with the iSummit, a digital conference, on their social media marketing, paid and organic, pre-event and real-time engagement. Check out how we reached 2.4 million Twitter impressions.

  • Canvs Coworking Space

    Worked with the Canvs coworking team on pre-opening marketing, media announcements and social media communications. Check out more details and our media clips.

  • The Garage

    The Garage's patient safety product announcement coincided with HIMSS. KAPTIV managed their social media engagement to broaden their reach.

  • Forward Florida

    FORWARD Florida re-launched its brand with a redesigned website and social media strategy. See how KAPTIV surpassed all of the nine month campaign objectives.