Top Super Bowl Ads and Trends

That pretty much says it all. No more funny frogs or cleavage to attract viewers (mostly men) to their brands.

Super Bowl 49’s advertisers turned to emotional stories to drive home how crucial grooming products are to being a good dad. Well you know what I mean. I think it was great, mostly…I will not mention that one ad that shall not be named, which was taken down from YouTube by the company before the end of the game because of the social media slaughter that ensued.

In addition, the use of social media was also well integrated with the commercial watching experience of the Super Bowl. It is the Super Bowl of ads, right? (Seriously I think I watched 4 minutes of the actual football part of the night). As you will see below, seven of my top eight ads included a hashtag. This shouldn’t be described as brilliant, but instead obvious at this point of social media’s widespread adoption into the majority’s daily vocabulary.

Overall, I think it was a great year for Super Bowl commercials. There were a few that tried to hard or missed the point completely, but I feel like they were in the minority.

Kudos to the evolution of emotional maturity Super Bowl ad agencies!

Best Beer Commercials

Budweiser did not disappoint. As the only beer advertiser, they brought their A game with these two wins:

Budweiser #BestBuds

Who doesn’t love a sweet Clydesdales Rescues Puppy story?


Bud Light’s #UpForWhatever

I really liked this ad for it’s live and genuine qualities. Kudos Bud Light!

Best Car Commercials

Many manufacturers opted out of a Super Bowl ad, including Volvo who instead wanted to give a way a car on social media. However two manufacturers took the cake with emotional and powerful commercials:


Here’s to the next 100.  (and a badass #HellCat)

Nissan’s #WithDad

My husband nerded out with this WEC LMP1 racing dad, but also noticed, as a huge car buff, that Nissan had been careful to keep the new Maxima under wraps until this:

Top 3 (or 4) Other Commercials of the Night

#1 – Dove Men+Care #RealStrength

Care makes a man stronger. The tagline brings it all together.

#2 Esurance – Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad “Say My Name”

No explanation needed. Awesome.

#3 Tied

Microsoft #Empowering



Coke #MakeItHappy

Anti-bullying messaging naturally ties in the Coke’s brand.

Coke gets another awesome shout out for actually following through with their social media efforts by tweeting back to me when I used the hashtag! Major kudos there!

Special #ShoutOuts to

Chevy’s Scare Moment

Who freaked out when their TV went blank? Don’t you want Wi-Fi in your truck now? Great job Chevy. (I am partial to Chevrolet)

Mobile Gaming, mostly Liam Neeson

There were three mobile games that spent the big bucks, which they make millions of, to advertise during the Super Bowl. And Clash of Clans wins with Liam Neeson using his Taken franchise persona to seek revenge for another clan’s attack on his village.

Snickers The Brady Bunch

Had to laugh at this one! Good for all generations.