5 Tips for Running Successful Social Media Campaigns

social media campaignsTo engage with customers and other businesses via social media the execution of your campaign should be targeted. In order to target appropriately here are five tips to consider when building and managing successful social media campaigns.

Tip 1: Choose the right campaign

Social media campaigns offer a range of platform options. From Facebook voting contests to newsletter signups and Twitter sponsored posts, there are many ways to share your messages and achieve your campaign goals. However, different campaigns deliver different results, so before you begin establish what it is you want to accomplish with your campaign. This will guide your campaign choice for what will work best for your brand.

Tip 2: Focus on a niche

It is easy to get caught up in pushing your campaign across all platforms to all audiences in order to gain a larger reach. However, it is key to establish the audience you want to reach and target this niche, not only to garner quality results but it will demonstrate your value to them.

Tip 3: Measure, measure and then measure again

Defining what constitutes success is a conversation that should happen at the start when establishing your campaign goals. Clearly outline what your target metrics will be, whether that is increasing followers, number of clicks to your site, newsletter subscriptions or selling a product/service. This will help you pull the analytics that matter most and in the end, measure the success of your campaign.

Tip 4: Don’t speak in your sales voice

The manner in which you present your content will reflect how your audience will receive it. Make sure your campaign doesn’t sound like a sales pitch. People don’t want to feel like they are forcefully being sold something. You need to offer real value to your audience so make sure your messaging is clear, interesting and useful.

Tip 5: Repurpose content

Have you ever heard of the saying, work smarter not harder? This rule applies. If you previously published a white paper, repurpose it to create a webinar or a blog series, maybe even some social media posts. A single piece of content can be used many ways. Leverage these pieces within your campaign to extend the value of what you are offering and establish the creditability of your brand.

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Inspired by 5 Tips for Running Successful Social Media Campaigns and 8 Tips for a Successful B2B Content Marketing Campaign.