3 Things to Keep in Mind About Promoted Tweets

Twitter-sandWhen you think of Twitter advertising, you (hopefully) think of engagement. But, how do you get the most interaction from your Twitter advertising campaigns? After all, you are paying good money to send your message to your target audience. Promoted Tweets provide one of the best ways to maximize audience engagement from your messages. As with any marketing initiative it is important to optimize your budget to achieve the best results for the money spent. Promoted Tweets give you an easy way to get great engagement at an affordable price. The following tips will help you optimize your Promoted Tweets campaigns for results.

Interact Often

Whether a tweet is promoted or not, it is important to continuously engage with your audience. You cannot solely tweet one-sided messages, you will loose your audience. As a brand or a personal Twitter profile, you must be a great listener and a conversationalist, meaning responding to mentions and answering questions makes you part of the larger sphere of influence in your industry.

Take advantage of Promoted Tweets and analyze your audience’s engagement with the tweets you are promoting to gather insight into your target’s needs, wants, pain points, etc. Valuable feedback like this will help you create more effective Promoted Tweets, marketing messages, campaigns and other communications in the future.

Interacting with your followers can also turn the passive consumer into your brand’s biggest advocates, willing to share your messages and broadcast news about your brand.

Add Pictures and Video

Adding media to your Promoted Tweets can do wonders to improve the amount of engagement you receive. A Twitter study into Promoted Tweets showed a significant increase in engagement between messages that contain rich media and those that didn’t. People respond to pictures and short videos much more than text. In addition, pictures and videos can do a lot to personalize your brand. If you are worried about the 140-character limit, remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes more!

Twitter Cards are another great way to take full advantage of your 140 characters. Your message will be enhanced with an image, additional copy and a call to action button. Linking your Twitter Cards to a campaign’s landing page allows for a great way to measure clicks to your site. Promoting tweets optimized with Twitter cards have proven the most successful campaigns for KAPTIV clients.

Keep it Short

By now, you are no doubt accustomed to keeping your messages short on Twitter. The 140-character limit forces us all to get to the point and only talk about what’s most important to our audiences. If you have more to say, don’t worry about cramming all of it into one message. Split up your Tweets to include all of the information your audience needs to know. Often, tweets trying to cram that 140-characters into one post sound forced and choppy. Splitting your messages will allow you to keep each individual tweet shorter and sounding natural.

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Inspired by: How to Get The Most Out of Your Promoted Tweets