KAPTIV vs. Captive Marketing

KAPTIV Captive MarketingBy Laura Kern, APR

We are communicators. We know words, punctuation and how to connect them to make brand messaging you will feel proud of and your audience will embrace. And, yes, we know how to spell.

“So why is your company name misspelled?”

We are not Captive Marketing for a reason.

We are KAPTIV Marketing because our founder, Laura Kern makes up the “K” of KAPTIV.

And the “e”? KAPTIVE Marketing, just looks weird.

So, we are KAPTIV Marketing.

If you came to this page from searching Captive Marketing, we appreciate it, but now you know we are KAPTIV Marketing.

Laura and team look forward to working with you.

…as KAPTIV Marketing.

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