4 ways to increase your Twitter engagement

TwitterIt’s easy to get caught up in a monotonous social media routine. However, this can significantly harm your online engagement and ultimately drive away followers. Twitter is one of the most interactive and conversational social media platforms. Therefore, here are a few Twitter tweaks to help get your profile more traffic and increase your engagement.

1. Optimize your Twitter bio

Refining your Twitter biography is one of the most important things you can do. This is the driving force behind a potential follower and what they will see when they arrive at your profile. Put your best foot forward and include the details about yourself or your company that your audience will want to know. Stay true to your brand and include the right keywords to show your creditability.

2. Act human

People connect with people, not logos. You want to invite your audience to provide feedback in order to increase engagement. It is essential to be approachable and natural with your followers. Although automation platforms are great, there needs to be a sense of human interaction behind your tweets. You can’t expect to boost engagement if you are not engaging your audience. Visual content can also go a long way, so use pictures and graphics that are eye catching and convey your brand message.

3. The power of hashtags

Hashtags are SEO for social media. They allow you to interact with the most relevant topics for your audience and industry, and are an easy way to join the conversation to further your reach. Developing company specific hashtags are also a great tool to drive campaigns and follow along with what your audience is saying. Using hashtags can significantly boost engagement rates, and increase followers and social presence.

4. Consistent posts

Tweeting regularly will, without a doubt, keep engagement flowing. Followers will be able to tell how active you are on your profile based on how often you post. If the last tweet you sent was days, weeks or months ago, that user is less likely to visit your profile again or even follow you because they feel that no one is there. It goes back to acting human. Positing regularly also helps build community around a brand, which will create long-term user engagement. Simply put, active Twitter users have more followers.

Combining these practices along with staying interesting and relevant will encourage a great deal of engagement.

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