How to improve your site’s SEO

SEO Search Engine Optimization, Ranking algorithmIn today’s competitive online landscape, search engine optimization (SEO) is based on a combination of creating and sharing great content, building a website that works for your audience, and practicing smart SEO.

Start by using a strategic, content-focused approach to keywords. Begin by doing in-depth keyword research that will set the foundation for a strong SEO site. Search terms should be broad yet targeted. They should be specific to your industry and conversational. Consider what terms you would search and use that insight within your website’s content.

However, beware of overusing your SEO keywords because your site may begin to read like a sales pitch. Instead, consistently publish as much amazing content as you can and naturally include keywords. This will organically capture long-term search traffic, resulting in better conversion rates.

Strategically embedding SEO keywords into your site’s navigation, internal links and on-site elements is next. Also, your site’s navigation structure plays a major role in how search engines determine the importance of each page. Optimize your site’s navigation, link structure and page flow, by identifying pages that are less important or have little content on them and position them lower in your navigation.

Meta descriptions and page titles are also important for SEO purposes. This is a great opportunity to use creativity and compelling calls to action when developing copy that attracts clicks from the search results page. Title tags and meta descriptions should be present on each page of your site and should be relevant and optimized. Review the length of each one as well, because too short or too long titles and descriptions can decrease SEO efforts.

Last but not least, be natural; if you have to insert SEO keywords in your sentences, then you’re doing it wrong. Use your company’s key message points to structure your site’s content. If you naturally include keywords, visitors will find your site valuable, building trust and hopefully brand loyalty.

SEO is all about improving the functionality and user experience of your website. Make changes that will make clients happy and in turn, search engines will be happy.

Inspired by 7 Advanced Ways to Improve Your Site’s SEO.