Social Media’s Role in SEO and How You Can Improve Your Results

search-engine-optimization-411347_640Without a doubt, social media has been a game changer for quite some time now. It plays such a huge role in our society and we must understand how to use this new marketing tool effectively. When one of our goals is to drive more traffic to our sites, it’s important to analyze how social media sites are influencing search engine results and conversion rates. Succeeding in social media marketing is your goal, right? Your first step is to perfect your SEO craft. Gain a better sense of building your brand and increasing traffic with these tips on effectively using SEO to improve your search engine results.

SEO is step #1

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the key to becoming a highly ranked search result in search engines. Our fingers are now accustomed to typing Google, Bing, or Yahoo’s name when searching for something specific on the web. Several results then appear and most folks are more inclined to click on the first several options listed on the first page. As a business you want to increase your chances of being so influential that you are getting views from potential customers by being in one of those top results. In order to increase your chances of being found, you need to transmit the right information to the search engines to increase your page rank.

Keyword is the word

Quality, quality, quality. Keywords are what we use when we are researching on search engines. Carefully choose quality keywords to use throughout each page of your site to help improve rankings. However, don’t overuse keywords because it can actually downgrade your page and bring negative results to your page rank. Search engines identify with the first 300 words within a page, the link, heading tags and the page description. Strategically use your keywords correctly on your page and equally balance the keywords throughout the page. Most importantly, don’t let keywords rule your content! Write for your audience first, and search engines second.

Engage your audience

Having amazing content is not enough anymore, it’s about how you influence and engage your audience; building prominence is what your business needs. Remember, social media is the link to interacting with your consumers. Give your customers something the talk about online, so search engines and the online community will recognize your efforts. Search engines measure metrics such as bounce rates, pages per visit, and how much time your audience is spending on your site, so make sure to engage your audience with interesting content. You want to keep your audience on your site and find it so helpful that they share your content to their audience.. Connecting with your audience is important to bring awareness to your brand.

Stay Active

Your social media presence also helps expand your audience which brings more traffic to your brand (which is your initial goal.) When your brand is earning more traffic, it simply means more people are searching your brand. Search engines are alerted that your brand is gaining popularity bringing you to closer to the top of the  rankings. Increased activity online allows for an increased chance of becoming more influential. Social media is similar to a domino effect; one thing always leads to another. Posts are constantly being shared and it is better circulated when you are posting on a social media site, such as Facebook or Twitter, which contributes to the SEO impact in the long run. The more comments, likes, retweets, shares and, most importantly, posts you have, the higher your brand is likely to reach the top page results.

Location-based social networks

Is your business local? Use location-based social networks, your business is more likely to show up for relevant searches for customers who are in your area. What do we mean by location-based social networks? We’re talking about Yelp, Foursquare and Urbanspoon. Just make sure to stay up to date with your business information so your business is one of the search results for relevant searches from customers interested in your realm.

In the game of social media marketing, understand you have several goals in mind: driving traffic and measuring your influence on your customers. Strong consumer support leads to a greater likelihood of being seen as the authority on the topic. Invest time in analyzing how you can improve your social media presence, to therefore positively influence search engine results. When sharing content, remember to stay consistent and relevant. Engage your audience and interact with them, there’s nothing better than dialogue with your audience. Not only does it bring more traffic to your brand, but it also helps connect your followers to your brand. Use these tips to better build your online presence and increase your brand awareness.


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