The Importance of Content Marketing in 2015

The start of the New Year is the perfect time to take your business on new ventures. You might have spend last year sprucing up your website, engaging with your audience on social media, and might have even written a few blog posts. You think you are on your way to a great digital marketing strategy; however, there is a lot to consider about content marketing when looking at a new strategy for 2015. When done right, content marketing can be one of the most valuable tools you utilize.

Content MarketingLet’s look at how content marketing will make you a winning company in 2015.

Get a Boost in your Search Engine Rankings

Give your company an edge on search engine rankings with your content marketing. Adopting a regular content marketing strategy will help you leverage a significant boost in rankings. Google actively seeks out high quality content with its algorithm. Thanks to Google’s Penguin algorithm, if you don’t post on a regular basis and your content is overloaded with keywords, you might be penalized. The Panda update is responsible for promoting the best content with the best results on Google. In order to achieve great content, consider using educational content. Any content that educates your audience is recognized by Panda 4.1 as valuable information, therefore making it a big plus with Google.It’s important to keep up with the newest trends in search engines; however, it should not dictate your writing. In 2015, it is more important to remember to write for people, not for Google. Your content must always be tailored toward your audience for the most engagement.

Increase your Social Engagement

If you are looking to maximize the social engagement of your brand, content marketing will be your best friend. Look to sharing relevant content you create on the appropriate social channels to optimize engagement. Sharing original videos, pictures, and blog posts can potentially reach a greater number of people. Optimize your posts on each social platform and provide the content your audience wants to see.

Reinforce your Brand as an Industry Leader

Establish your brand as a place your target audience can find solutions to their pain points, identify these areas and let them guide your content. Research the newest trends in your field and publish content in a timely manner. This makes you a great source of information for your potential customers and keeps you updated on the latest trends. Establishing yourself as a thought leader will have customers looking to you when they are ready to make a purchase.

Taking Everything into Account, We See How Content Marketing Is a Win For 2015

Understanding the value and successful tactics of content marketing will help you establish a solid online reputation in 2015. Invest in implementing important content such as, engaging, educating, answering questions and most importantly keeping your content fresh and timely. Make the investment in learning how to successfully accomplish content marketing, by planning and executing a viable content strategy for your brand. Your brand will definitely stand out from those who are not taking opportunity to be an asset to their audiences. It will be the best decision you will make this year and the many years to come.

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