Developing Marketing Strategy for Canvs Coworking Space

Canvs rendering

KAPTIV Marketing has partnered to help launch and develop a brand for Canvs, Orlando’s nonprofit, tech-centric coworking space. Over the past few months, the team has created a communications strategy in advance of the space opening later this summer.

Working with local media, KAPTIV Marketing assisted with more than a dozen media stories (at date of posting) to build brand awareness and buzz for the coworking space’s opening. In addition to this initial work, KAPTIV Marketing will be crafting website content, enewsletters and managing social media engagement for Canvs.

KAPTIV Marketing is not only partnering with Canvs for its marketing, we will also be one of their first member companies within the coworking space. We are so excited to join the startup ecosystem at Canvs. KAPTIV has a passion for Orlando’s thriving tech startup community, we hope to assist in making sure Orlando will be a national hub for tech startups in the very near future. We are honored to be working with an organization whose mission is to support this goal of national status for Orlando’s technologists.

Founded on the mission to make it easier for anyone to start up, Canvs is looking to inspire more people to take the entrepreneurial journey. With opportunities for community, mentorship, education, business connections and media attention, Canvs hopes to help reduce the risks associated with starting up and increase the chances for success.

With the goal of helping Orlando become a top 10 city nationally for tech startups and to assist in the creation of 5,000 high-wage tech jobs over the next decade, Canvs’s coworking space will be located on the first floor of the Church Street Exchange building.

Connect with Canvs: Twitter (@CanvsORL), Instagram and Facebook page.