Why You Should Care About Your Social Media Personal Branding


As published by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando

If you do not tweet or post, you may think to skip right past this article. Don’t! We’re not talking about Snapchat or Swarm here. I want to share with you how to realistically improve and cultivate your online personal brand. Follow these tips and it’ll be one of the biggest boosts to your career in years.

Why should you care about your social media personal brand? Google. Anyone can find out anything they want to know about you and, more importantly, your competitors.

It’s time to take control of your personal brand and utilize it to reach your goals. I’ve been curating my digital personal brand since social media was created. Ensuring my professional brand is upheld in all of my posts, including personal items when appropriate, and broadening my reach has helped me become a business owner.

As you develop your social media personal brand, first understand what each channel is for and who your audience is on each. Here are a few tips to help you make decisions on the largest social media platforms:

Facebook – Choose whether you’ll include professional contacts with your family & friends here.

Twitter – For everyone and all topics.

LinkedIn – Professional. Optimize your account by using keywords, utilizing their blogging tool, growing your network, and staying engaged.

Instagram – Share a mixture of photos from professional, business, personal, hobbies, etc. Don’t only post from happy hour or you’ll come across as an alcoholic.

Google Plus – Content appears in Google search results, so make sure yours is positive.

Pinterest – Share photos from your favorite websites and blogs to express your personality from hobbies to projects and your lifestyle.

Set yourself apart from others by understanding how your social media personal brand can help you reach your goals.

Create Your Brand and Set Up Your Profiles

Stop and think. What is your brand? What is it you value most? How do those values apply to your brand? Also, spend some time researching other’s profiles, your audience and how they interact.

Audit your existing social media. Google yourself and see what comes up. What values do the search results represent? Do they align with your personal brand?

Label your expertise. Use repeatable descriptions for all your social profiles. This is not the place to be extremely creative, as you want it to be searchable, examples: graphic designer not creative thinker, or marketing director not strategic guru.

Have one username. Consistency is vital.

Your Brand’s Visual Story

Use one photo across all channels. Your photo is the strongest visual representation of your brand.

Snap pictures with care. A picture is worth a thousand words (which is awesome because you only get 140 characters on Twitter).

Professional vs. Personal Brand on Social Media

Many argue these are impossible to keep separate. Be you, just remain professional, on social media. Most importantly, know your audience and stay positive.

Thought Leadership is Shaped By Your Engagement

Not every topic is right for every social network, and realizing that is another essential part of successfully using social media to build your personal brand.

Read twice and edit before you post. Every post you write contributes to people’s perceptions of you. Always post carefully and never write in haste.

Remember to be consistent. One of the most important tenants of a great brand is consistency.

Get your professional opinion out there. People who research you will want to know just how much of an expert you are in your chosen profession. Get your opinion out to the world by talking with your audience at least once a week and build up your reputation.

React with caution. Think twice before you respond. Posts are often taken out of context and can severely damage your personal brand. Act without emotion.

Have conversations. Spark growth in your personal brand by engaging with others. Join community discussions whenever you can.

Now get online and start attracting business through your personal brand!