Bringing Your Brand to Life Through Social Media

After learning how to build and personalize your brand, it’s now time to bring your brand to life. The humanization of your digital brand can lead to a new level of success. And the proof comes on social media where stakeholders appreciate connecting with their favorite brands.

Telling Jokes

Don’t you love it when someone takes the time to make you laugh? Weave humor in and out of your social media posts, graphics and campaigns to gain and keep a strong audience.

Not only does humor make a brand relatable, but it also helps engagement rates increase. It’s important to remember that although humor is fun, it can be read differently by each person who reads it, so stay universal and try to stay away from jokes with multiple meanings. Good rules to follow for brand humor is stay fun, informative and conservative.

Social media is part social engagement, part news and part entertainment. So, take advantage of this opportunity to have some fun with your fans by entertaining them.

Use Trendy Lingo

Don’t talk to your fans. Seems counter intuitive, no?

Not really, because in discourse with your friends you would equal part talk and listen, engaging in the conversation. Use this same strategy when it comes to engaging your fans.

For example, let’s say someone on Twitter asked Target a question about their Red Card and the discounts they receive with it. It’s much more effective for Target to tweet:

“The Red Card brings you the best discounts the more you use it! Read more about it here: ________”


“Learn about the Red Card here:________”

Creating conversation is the best way to go.

Make Friends Online

Your customers become fans because they have a personal connection with your brand. They will stay connected with you over time and through rough times because of this bond.

 Talking to followers will bring a greater sense of humility to your brand. People want to be treated like they matter, and having a conversation is the best way to do that. Out of the thousands of followers large brands have on social media, when one of them receive an answer or special attention, it becomes an awesome brand experience for them.

The smallest gestures can make the biggest statements online. From a re-tweet to a simple like on Instagram, audiences love it and share it with the world.

Magnified illustration with the word Social Media on white background.

Talking About Mistakes

It’s something we all hate talking about, but owning up to mistakes and trying to resolve them are the kindest thing a brand can do online.

Communicating with followers about a mistake you may have made can gain respect and loyalty. If Amazon accidentally shipped the wrong product to a customer and they talked about it on social media, the best possible thing Amazon can do is to respond kindly and quickly towards resolving the error.

By doing so, Amazon not only saves the relationship with the fan, but also makes that person feel special with phenomenal customer service.

Surprise the Stakeholders

Customers love a good surprise! Whether it’s giving away free swag, prizes such as concert tickets or movie passes, or even a gift card, your fans will appreciate the attention and love a surprise event gives them. And, the more engaging it is, the more they may spread it (and your brand) all over their own social media.

Another great surprise, that can garner good will and maybe even some media, comes by listening to your audience, keeping an eye out for opportunity and landing a big surprise on an unsuspecting fan.

An example of one of these opportunities that Chevrolet may take advantage of is let’s say when a single mother tweets about the struggle of back to school, getting her son on the bus and her needing to catch a bus a few blocks away to get to work on time. Chevrolet may never see this tweet , but if they were good social listeners (which they are, this is just an example) they might be compelled to help this woman by giving her a car. This empathetic reaction to a single tweet by Chevrolet not only surprises the family, but also the rest of their audience! Listening and jumping on this opportunity is a heartfelt reaction by a brand with a great side effect of building brand loyalty, and an added bonus of having all the makings of a viral hit!

Developing your own unique and relatable voice on social media will inspire loyalty from your customers. Remember, these tips are great for your brand, but the do not equate to a strong social media strategy. Contact KAPTIV to learn more about digital strategy to help reach your business goals.