Brands with Personality: Kate Spade New York

We all have that one brand that we watch for on social media to see what their next big ‘LOL’ moment will be. Some brands share funny sayings or trending memes, some put their own spin on trends like #TBT or #OOTD, and then others create a quirky and interesting campaign that combines their unique persona with fun.

We took a look at KAPTIV founder, Laura’s favorite social brand right now to see what all of her admiration was about. Take a look!

Kate Spade New York

The colorful, preppy luxury brand has always had its side of spunk, but this past winter, they took it up a notch. Launching the #MissAdventure campaign across all social media platforms through a webisode series. Kate Spade cast actress Anna Kendrick to play a fashionable, unique young woman who shows her individuality through the designer brand.

Miss Adventure’s first webisode takes place on her front stoop at Christmas time in New York City. After being locked out of her apartment and waiting hours for the locksmith, she tries on all of her newly purchased Kate Spade gifts to keep warm (all on her brownstone’s front stoop). Famous design icon Iris Apfel guest stars before Miss Adventure can figure out a clever way into her apartment. This episode currently has 279,652 views on YouTube, and the native Facebook video (which they boosted) has 1.8 million views, 36, 821 likes, and 5,464 shares.

In episode two, Miss Adventure takes Los Angeles, and is mistaken for a meditation coach by a hotel front deskman. She is directed to the penthouse (along with her adorable pup, Milos, who also makes a great appearance in episode one) to find guest star Lily Tomlin, an American actress. This episode currently has 1.79 million views on YouTube, and this native Facebook video (which Kate also boosted) has 8.76 million views, 60,353 likes, and 5,672 shares.

The campaign shows how the Kate Spade brand stands for being true to yourself and embracing life. And the brand’s fans have loved it! The webisode is an exact representation of what the brands values are, quirky and fun, just like their audience.

Why Humor & Personality Works

The #MissAdventure campaign works because it subtly incorporates the luxury brand’s products in a story that highlights their persona’s sense of unique quirkiness. The straw in the Champagne bottom, the glance at the camera by Kendrick, and the magical flamingo tie the kookiness of the situation together with the poise and carefree attitude Kate Spade women have in life. These little details draw the viewer in and make any woman want to dress like Kendrick in their own #MissAdventures.

Kate Spade is known for their 20-year anniversary campaign slogan “live colorfully”. They have successfully carried out that message through the #MissAdventure series. No matter what the occasion, being bright is the best way to be, and we can’t wait for episode #3.

Bringing in celebrities to this campaign brought a level of sincerity and credibility to the brand. When audiences see the two cameos by well-known and respected women, it shows that Kate is a valued label doing big things.