5 common mistakes of social media marketing

Social Media MarketingSocial media has become the most important tool for brand marketers. Consumers trust what they read on their feeds and companies need to be keenly aware of this touch point. The problem that many brands face is how to leverage social to create a personalized, relevant and enjoyable experience for their audience.

This cannot be an afterthought, so here are five mistakes of social media marketing to avoid in order to keep your audience engaged and loyal.

1. Pictures are really worth a thousand words
Engaging audiences with visual content is key for social media. Tweets with image links get an engagement rate 200% higher than those with just 140 characters. Consumers are not going to read lines of text on your feed and you may be missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with these audiences. Instead, use illustrations, funny videos and clever images to attract and retain your followers. For marketers, a picture really is worth a thousand words — act accordingly.

2. All social platforms are not created equal
Your social media strategy should be unique to the channel you are using. The reason why social media is so effective is because people ignore traditional media and mass messaging. Find the channels
that best align with your brand and style your messaging accordingly. Measure what works and what doesn’t and optimize accordingly. Never use your traditional marketing approach on social media. If your delivery is poor you’re your customers can easily unfollow and tune you out.

3. Think before you tweet
Being on top of trending topics and staying relevant is a daily struggle for marketers. Piggybacking on other’s popular content can help you amplify your feed. However the not-so-savvy attempts to follow the trend may occasionally end up being headlines themselves. It’s important to stay timely while staying true to your brand voice, and try not to offend anyone in the process.

4. Never ignore your customers
Today, most consumers use social media to complain about a product or service and 72% of them expect a response within the hour. Many brands don’t always acknowledge this and ignore the negative review, but whether you have a handful of followers or millions, brands cannot afford to ignore their audiences. You always want to remain as transparent as possible to avoid a negative backlash from followers shared across your network.

5. Forgetting to be a human
Your brand personality is key to standing out among all the other companies out there. Connecting with your followers on a real level and showing them there isn’t a robot on the other end will resonate with them. In a time where consumers are flooded with different forms of advertisements, you cannot be afraid to embrace and engage with your followers. If you need some help, check out our pointers on our previous post about finding your brand voice.

Building a community around your brand is easier if you understand and listen to your audience. The customer expects marketers to know that they are always in control and should be the center of attention. Always know when and where to connect with them, and you will avoid making these mistakes along the way.

Inspired by 7 Sins of Social Media Marketing.