4 Easy Steps to Find Your Brand Voice

Brand VoiceEstablishing your companies voice can be a daunting task. You already know what you want to say to your audience, but how are you going to say it? Will your audience react to your voice?

Your company’s voice will determine how you will structure your messaging and execute your marketing initiatives. Therefore considering your audience and the purpose of your products and services will allow you to better determine your brand’s voice.

1. Understand who you are talking to

Before you can write a Facebook caption or develop a landing page, you need to do the research and not only identifying who your target audience is but what they care most about, what their pain points are and what problems they’re looking to solve. Who will be using or buying your products/services? What does your ideal customer look like? What do they read? Where do they shop? Answer these questions to understand who your target audience is and put yourself in their perspective.

2. Consider the context of your copy

A newsletter is going to read differently than your web copy and have a different tone than your Instagram captions. You wouldn’t write a Facebook post the same way you would send out a tweet or publish an update on LinkedIn. Therefore, you want to understand the difference between each platform and the audience members who are visiting each of these pages. Consider both the context of your content and your relationship with the person to establish different variations of your brand’s voice and tone that fits in the conversation.

3. Research SEO keywords

When determining your brand’s voice also ensure that you are including strong keywords that help attract organic visitors to your website. Unique content accompanied by a good optimization strategy will help your audience find you online. Building a list of search engine optimization (SEO) terms can also serve as a useful tool for guiding your company’s writing style and help strategically define your voice.

4. When in doubt, stay real

We sometimes get caught up in the technical terms and forget whom it is we are writing for. When you’re in doubt and don’t know how to express the right tone, be direct and informative yet friendly and accessible. Ultimately, you want people to trust your brand and connect with you, and you want to show them that at the end of the day, you are people as well.

Inspired by 4 Ways to Nail Your Brand Voice.