Month: February 2015

SEO Best Practices Today, Tomorrow and 20 Years From Now

Our search systems will continuously evolve at a rampant pace. And businesses will want to reach more and more people online. Using search engines to reach those people is getting harder because of the evolution of its algorithms. As a marketer, it is crucial to stay nimble in your effort to stay ahead of (or […]

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Top Super Bowl Ads and Trends

Emotion wins #sbads. Period. #OrlandoAdBowl — KAPTIV Marketing (@KAPTIVMarketing) February 2, 2015 That pretty much says it all. No more funny frogs or cleavage to attract viewers (mostly men) to their brands. Super Bowl 49’s advertisers turned to emotional stories to drive home how crucial grooming products are to being a good dad. Well you know what I […]

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