Month: November 2014

Why You Should Care About Your Social Media Personal Branding

As published by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando If you do not tweet or post, you may think to skip right past this article. Don’t! We’re not talking about Snapchat or Swarm here. I want to share with you how to realistically improve and cultivate your online personal brand. Follow these tips […]

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Mistakes Businesses Make When Hiring a Marketing Firm

I’ve been honored to work with some amazing brands, and whenever I am given the opportunity to help a company grow I am humbled. However, I have found significant problems that small businesses face when hiring a marketing firm. While CEOs know they need to “do marketing,” their lack of detailed knowledge on the marketing process, realistic goal […]

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3 Things to Keep in Mind About Promoted Tweets

When you think of Twitter advertising, you (hopefully) think of engagement. But, how do you get the most interaction from your Twitter advertising campaigns? After all, you are paying good money to send your message to your target audience. Promoted Tweets provide one of the best ways to maximize audience engagement from your messages. As […]

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