Month: August 2014

KAPTIV vs. Captive Marketing

By Laura Kern, APR We are communicators. We know words, punctuation and how to connect them to make brand messaging you will feel proud of and your audience will embrace. And, yes, we know how to spell. “So why is your company name misspelled?” We are not Captive Marketing for a reason. We are KAPTIV Marketing […]

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Using Analytics to Achieve Communications Goals

By Laura Kern, APR for the FPRA Annual Conference Blog After their general luncheon session at Florida Public Relations Association‘s Annual Conference, a smaller group was able to get a little more time with two of the speakers, Deirdre Breakenridge, CEO and Director of Communications at Pure Performance Communications and Adam Singer an Analytics Advocate with […]

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Managing a Crisis in the Age of the Smartphone

By Laura Kern, APR for the FPRA Annual Conference Blog Susan Vernon-Devlin, Director of Public Relations Service at Massey Communications, is a real world Olivia Pope (for those “Scandal” fans). She has been through crises in the age of the smartphone from the Trayvon Martin shooting in Sanford, Fla. to Maryville, Mo., where two young […]

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