KAPTIV Marketing was born out of a passion for driving results through digital marketing

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KAPTIV Marketing strives to earn your trust and develop a strong partnership by working tirelessly to help you reach your business objectives. Our client-for-life attitude seamlessly blends our goals to ensure that your organization has the support it needs to be successful.

Every organization has an audience online. Let us help you find and engage those audience members to be your advocates and customers for life!

We are: researchers, strategists, translators, creators, engagers, collaborators and listeners. First and foremost, we are communicators.

KAPTIV Marketing focuses on our clients’ digital reputations by engaging with customers online and ensuring that the conversation centers on a brand’s unique point of view. KAPTIV partners with business-to-business, business-to-consumer and nonprofit organizations to provide award-winning results.

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  • Rebuilding Your Brand After Crisis Occurs: The KAPTIV Way

    Every brand goes through ups and downs. When crisis strikes, how does a brand make the best possible recovery? There are many steps that go into recovering a brand’s image ethically and in the stakeholder’s best interest. What’s the Sitch? Being open and honest about the situation at hand will always be the best start […]

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  • Bringing Your Brand to Life Through Social Media

    After learning how to build and personalize your brand, it’s now time to bring your brand to life. The humanization of your digital brand can lead to a new level of success. And the proof comes on social media where stakeholders appreciate connecting with their favorite brands. Telling Jokes Don’t you love it when someone […]

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  • Building Your Personal Brand

    Personal branding is essential to one’s professional success. No matter what industry, knowing how to represent yourself in a memorable way and build your reputation as a thought leader is necessary. A recent article by the Social Media Examiner about personal branding inspired us to add our two cents from our experience with clients and […]

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